6. Review your plan

Now you have a career plan you are well ahead! The next step is to make sure it grows with you.

Review your plan now and then set a calendar reminder to review it again in, for example, two months’ time. This way, you can update your career plan with your experiences and ongoing research to ensure your plan is a useful tool to keep you on track along your career journey.

Think about the founder of Alibaba and his career journey...

Ma Yun is undoubtedly the most famous mainland entrepreneur today, but the chairman of Alibaba Group is probably better known around the world as Jack Ma.

After graduation, Jack applied for 30 different jobs and was rejected by them all. Jack also applied 10 times for Harvard University in the US and was rejected each time. Jack began his career as an English lecturer and in 1995, he discovered the internet, resulting in the creation of his successful Alibaba business.

But it’s not just about financial success - Jack had clear career goals in mind and stuck to these, no matter what rejections he had or obstacles he faced.

Learning activity

Why should I review my career plan? It’s important to make time to review your plan, reflect on your choices, consider other options:

My career plan

Here is the final step in developing the beginnings of your career plan - download the template below and spend some time to go through the questions.

Section 6 of the Career Plan is a checklist to help you see where you are with your planning and to help you make some future goals so you can track your progress.