3. Research your options

Research your options to boost your employability and make the most of your time in the UK

Your time in the UK will open up many opportunities for you, through studying at your UK university and also through your UK cultural experiences.

As a UK university student, there are many opportunities for you to gain experiences and develop your employability skills:
Living in the UK will also provide you with many chances to explore UK and Western culture and to use these experiences to enhance your employability skills:

Use the activities below to understand more:

Learning activity

How can you make the most of your time in the UK? Here’s a case study about Nancy, a Chinese student who came to the UK and secured a graduate job. Read the case study and do the quiz to learn more!

My career plan

Here is the third step to help you to think about and then research different career options - download the template below and spend some time to go through the questions.

Section 3 of the Career Plan is about thinking about your options and spending time researching these through resources and also by talking with friends, family and other contacts you may have.